Mission Property Advisors, Inc.
Company Overview

Mission Property Advisors, Inc. is a commercial real estate service firm specializing in Commercial Real Estate Appraisal and Commercial Real Estate Brokerage. Our firm is here to assist you in one of two ways, appraisal or brokerage.

Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Division

Our brokerage division is led by the firm's President, Steven R. Fontes, MAI, CCIM. Mr. Fontes holds the prestigious CCIM brokerage designation from the CCIM Institute. CCIM designated brokers are considered to be “the” recognized experts in the commercial and investment real estate brokerage industry.

Whether your commercial real estate needs involve property here is Southern California or a purchase out of state, Mr. Fontes has the experience, analytical skill set and professional integrity you are seeking.

Commercial Real Estate Appraisal

Commercial Real Estate Appraisal Division

Our appraisal division is also led by the firm's President, Steven R. Fontes, MAI, CCIM, a 35+ year veteran of the Southern California commercial real estate market. Mr. Fontes holds the prestigious MAI appraisal designation from the Appraisal Institute. MAI designated real estate appraisers are considered to be the most qualified appraisers in the world.

We pride ourselves on accurate impartial valuations, on time delivery and excellent customer service.

Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Services

Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Services

Our Pledge to You

Mission Property Advisors, Inc. wants you to succeed in your real estate endeavors and goals. It would be our honor to have an opportunity to serve you and we look forward to hearing from you. If you choose to work with our firm we pledge to do the following.

  1. We will be honest and truthful with you.
  2. We will value you as a client.
  3. We will honor your time by being timely in our work.
  4. We will not betray any confidences you share with us.
  5. We will be thorough and diligent in our service to you.
  6. The commissions we charge will be fair, competitive and commensurate with the quality of our service as well as our education and experience level.
  7. We promise to provide you with great service and excellent representation.
  8. Our desire is to build a long term professional real estate relationship with you.
Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Services

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