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Mission Property Advisors, Inc. provides appraisal services to many different clients. It is our expertise and knowledge of different levels of clientele that sets us apart from the rest. Our commitment to excellence is our foundation for our appraisal services.



Mission Property Advisors, Inc. conducts a significant and growing level of business with the legal community. Some of this work is related to trusts and estates and the balance consists of general real estate litigation and expert witness services.

The firm’s President, Steven R. Fontes, MAI, CCIM performs all deposition and courtroom testimony for the firm, unless other arrangements have been made at the outset of an assignment, and he is very experienced in doing so. Mr. Fontes has testified numerous times at depositions and/or trials, including jury and bench trials, in a number of Superior Court venues including Riverside, San Bernardino and San Diego Counties. In addition, Mr. Fontes has testified in Federal Court, specifically in United States Bankruptcy Court before a Chief Judge.

Through his lifetime membership with the Forensic Expert Witness Association (FEWA), Mr. Fontes stays abreast of practice related issues specific to the expert witness arena so that he can continue to improve his expert witness testimony skill set.

Appraisal Clients
  • "I worked closely with Steve in a lawsuit that required both current and historical valuations of some very unusual properties, ranging from unimproved acreage to oddly configured commercial properties. Steve’s vast and detailed knowledge of appraising, his thoroughness both in arriving at his opinions and in articulating those opinions, are unparalleled. I think the highest compliment that one professional can give another is to refer that professional to others. I refer Steve every time anyone asks me for a referral to an appraiser and I so do with complete confidence in his ability to handle the assignment."
    Attorney At Law – Los Angeles County, CA
  • "My client hired Steven Fontes at Mission Property Advisors, Inc. to provide an opinion of value for a single unit commercial property located in Riverside, California. Steve was also retained to testify at a valuation hearing in a bankruptcy that was pending by the borrower on the loan. His office provided a detailed valuation in a timely manner. Steve was required to testify at the hearing as well and asked to review two other valuations of other appraisers for the same property. Steve was responsive to my calls in preparation for the hearing and provided in advance an excellent critique of the opposition’s appraisals. At the hearing, Steve was very prepared and fully supported his opinion of value with data in his report. His testimony was extremely impressive and far exceeded the testimony of the two other appraisers. He had a great grasp of the nuances of this particular property, and was able to explain to the Court the concepts of market analyses needed in valuing this property. Steve was able to use reason and facts to adequately contradict the testimony of the two other appraisers.

    Steve’s credibility on the witness stand was outstanding and as a result, the judge disregarded the other two appraisals and accepted the valuation submitted by Steve for the property. I would highly recommend Steve as an appraiser, especially when the matter requires testimony in court."
    Attorney At Law – Bay Area, CA
  • "Steve: I know you have already heard the [jury] verdict from [the attorney]. However, I wanted to pass along his comment to me. He indicated the case hinged on the credibility of the appraisers. He said you did an excellent job on the stand for both direct and cross examination. He said you were the best appraiser he has ever worked with. I thought you’d like to know that. Thanks for all your work on this."
    D. James Hart, Ph.D., City Manager
    City of Adelanto, CA
  • "I have never worked with you before, but I would hire you again in a heartbeat. I just sent an email out to every attorney in our firm telling them they should use you."
    Eminent Domain Attorney - Orange County, CA
  • "Steve possesses excellent market knowledge and he appreciates the nuances and details of each individual property. He is incredibly thorough and always responsive to my calls. In addition to being highly skilled in his craft, he is also a man of integrity and great character. When I refer clients to him, I always know that the job will be well done and on time, which is critical for my own reputation." "
    Edward J. Zorn, Esq.
    Vice President & General Counsel at California Regional MLS (CRMLS) – San Dimas
  • "Once again I commend you on giving an excellent deposition. Well-spoken people make a reporter's work flow smoothly. Your gracious manners I very much appreciate. Your mother should be proud of you. "
    Certified Shorthand Reporter – Los Angeles County, CA

Paralegals often seek our services on behalf of the attorneys they work for in an effort to best serve their client’s legal matters.

Attorneys routinely retain our firm to assist in any number of real estate disputes ranging from typical to complex.

We would be happy to confidentially discuss your case with you to determine if our firm would be a good fit. Together, we will honestly, objectively and confidentially discuss the particulars of your case with you so that you have a good understanding of our expertise and the types of analyses we will employ.

If we feel that you would be better served by another firm with a particular specialty, please know that we are very willing to refer you to one of several trusted professionals in our network. We will only take on your assignment if we feel you are a great fit and that you will be well served by our expertise.

Attorneys Services

If you are an attorney and you would like to talk with one of the many attorneys we have previously worked with, please feel free to contact any of the attorney references provided.

CPA’s, Trust & Estate Advisors

Mission Property Advisors, Inc. regularly works with CPA’s, tax advisors and a variety of trust and estate professionals for a variety of reasons, which include:

  • Estate work
  • Financial planning
  • Portfolio analysis
  • Sale or transfer of real estate assets
  • Partnership dissolution
  • Pending lease renewals
  • Step-up in basis appraisals
  • Date of death appraisals
  • Gifting of real estate appraisals
Real Estate Litigation

If you work for a trust company or a fiduciary, we understand that you have a high level of professional responsibility to protect and manage your client’s real estate assets in a way that maximizes value and minimizes risk and/or loss of value. We provide high quality commercial real estate appraisals that you can rely upon to serve your client’s needs. We look forward to hearing from you.

We often receive calls from CPA’s, tax advisors and a variety of trust and estate attorneys and advisors requesting fractional interest valuations which is a service we do not provide. However, we do have a network of professional real estate appraisers we routinely refer fractional interest work to and we would be happy to share these with you when you call our office.

School Districts

Mission Property Advisors, Inc. routinely provides appraisal services to a variety of school districts seeking valuations for proposed school sites, vacant surplus school sites transitioning to other uses and existing schools. We have significant experience appraising vacant land for proposed schools as well as existing elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, private schools and college campuses.

If you work for a school district in the Facilities Department or if you are responsible for planning for new school plants we can help you with all of your appraisal needs. Give our office a call and trust your appraisal needs to a firm with extensive experience appraising school properties throughout Southern California.

Click this LINK to review some of the school properties we have appraised.

Expert Witness Services
Governmental Entities

Mission Property Advisors, Inc. is regularly contacted by a variety of governmental entities including cities, counties and the State of California to provide appraisal services for a wide variety of property types and for a variety of reasons including, acquisition, disposition and eminent domain.

Work done for California state agencies is routinely reviewed by the State of California Department of General Services, (DGS) and our track record complying with DGS appraisal requirements is stellar.

If you work for a governmental entity or if you are legal counsel representing a city, county or state agency, give our office a call and we would be happy to provide you with a quote for appraisal services. We do a significant amount of work for city attorneys acting as outside legal counsel for their municipality clients.

Governmental Entities

Non-Profits & Private Parties

Mission Property Advisors, Inc. has provided appraisal services for a variety of nonprofit organizations for a wide variety of property types and for a variety of reasons including acquisition, disposition and gifting.

If you work for a nonprofit organization or if you are a property owner considering a gift of real estate to a nonprofit organization, give our office a call and we would be happy to provide you with a quote for appraisal services.

Nonprofit Organizations

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